The BESTawards is a design excellence awards program that recognizes interior design projects going beyond a pretty picture and truly encompassing Brilliantly Executed Spaces and Thinking. We recognize that successful interior design requires a collaboration between many disciplines, consultant teams, project managers, vendors, contractors, manufacturer reps, etc; therefore, the awards will acknowledge all who contribute to the project success.


Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building
Fentress Architects

The new hospitality-inspired Link Lobby is a crafted, casual, and richly detailed space, fostering a blended work environment that serves as an office lobby, a co-working space, and your favorite coffee shop/cocktail bar.

Work 12K or Below

The Philanthropy Collective
Echo Architecture + Interiors

The Philanthropy Collective provides a place for local non-profits to learn, share, and collaborate with one another. The comfortable, yet unique aesthetic, creates an inviting environment to serve a wide variety of tenants, their partners and clients, as they collectively work to generate positive change in the community.
Best on a Budget

Innovest Portfolio Solutions
Elsy Studios

The clean, simple, bright design of this space captures Innovest’s no-nonsense approach to business that is balanced by the firm’s culture of togetherness.
Eat & Drink

Swarthmore College Dining
DLR Group

The Hidden Life of Trees was the concept for the new Dining Hall. Emulating how trees communicate with one another, how they support each other and nourish with those around through space layout, patterns, and material choices. Creating a strong, timeless design rooted in biophilic strategies and a natural palette


Set within Aspen’s Gondola Plaza at the base of Aspen Mountain slopes, flagship ASPENX is the premium brand’s first brick and mortar retail experience.
Give: Healthcare

AdventHealth Training Center

AdventHealth Training Center Provides the NBA’s Orlando Magic with an innovative sports performance center and the community with an expansive orthopedic, primary care, sports medicine, imaging and rehabilitation clinic. The new 130,000 sq.ft. facility is seamlessly integrated into the neighborhood and symbolic of the team’s investment in the community.
Work 12K – 25K

The Hive
Kestrel Design Group

A plug and play hub for work, collaboration and relaxation. With the history of the 1700 Broadway building being so vibrant and resonating so beautifully with mid-century modern style (originally designed by I.M. Pei) and full 360 glass views, the interior design of the floor had to not only attract potential tenants but be a cenral hub for the building. This holistic design considered plant-life, artwork, signage and accessories from the project offset.


BASE – Big Sky Community Center
A&E Design

BASE Community & Recreation Center in Big Sky is a warm and inviting space that is open to all. Promoting wellness is central to the facility, and it was designed to offer fitness amenities while supporting educational opportunities, arts and culture, and youth development.
Learn: Education

Sierra Grande PK-12 Replacement School

Located in the heart of a rural community in the extreme climate of Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the new Sierra Grande PK-12 school is a transformational element for Sierra Grande School District and community — bringing new educational opportunities and healthy, flexible learning environments.
Work 25K – 40K

NGL Energy
Elsy Studios

Natural finishes, undulating ceilings and a warm, neutral color palette pay homage to natural resources, with a modern aesthetic to revitalize company culture.

Denver Art Museum Martin Building Revitalization and Expansion
Fentress Architects

The Revitalization and Expansion Project serves DAM’s evolving programmatic needs and provide a cohesive, 21st Century visitor experience while honoring and preserving the historic architecture of the seven-story Martin Building, designed by Gio Ponti in the early 1970s.
Live: Residential

Meadow House

A 5-bedroom home nestled on a 2.5-acre site, at the edge of a meadow that was formed by ancient glaciers that shaped the dramatic Roaring Fork Valley
Work 40k and Above


Centrally located within the heart of the RidgeGate development community in LoneTree, Kiewit’s new office complex was designed to celebrate the building process and functional aspects of Kiewit’s operations and consolidates its metro workforce onto one campus.

Carbon Public Transit Center
Colorado State University

Inspired by carbon’s ability to transform its basic structure into one of the most precious stones on Earth, this project serves to restructure the perception of public transit as a form of social welfare to a glorifying experience.
Best Firm of The Year


Best Industry Partner

Interior Environments

People’s Choice

Catbird Hotel – Patented Loft
DLR Group

The Loft Bed, a design that exemplifies flexibility utilizing a module that provides the function of a bed, wardrobe, desk and storage all-in-one, developed through the marriage of client, design team, and manufacturer collaboration across multiple cities and continents.