Board Nominations

The most valuable way to make the most of your IIDA Membership is to get involved on the IIDA RMC Board of Directors! Each year we have available positions and we want YOU to join us! For the Board year beginning July 1st, 2022, we have the following positions available. Read the descriptions below to find out more information and visit this link for events & activities that those positions require.

You may nominate yourself or someone else for a position using the form link below.

Nominations are due by EOD April 15th.

City Center Co-Director

  • Coordinate and communicate with VP of City Centers
  • Assist with Chapter wide programs held within their City Center
  • Develop appropriate committees to further education and professionalism within their City Center through programs, policies and member/volunteer recruitment
  • Provide budget reports for all events to VP of City Centers and President-Elect

Vice President of City Centers

  • Recommend and supervise appropriate committees to form programs and recommend policies relating to those issues.
  • Review the annual budget requests for assigned City Center Directors.
  • Serve as spokesperson/liaison for all City Centers.
  • Coordinate schedules with other Chapter functions including but not limited to: each campus center and ASID in our region.

Vice President of Premier Events

  • Shall present candidates for President nomination for Committee Chairs (Pret, TTL, BEST)
  • Report at monthly board meetings the status of Premier Events
  • Make sure all Premier Event committees are following the Policies and Procedures of the Chapter
  • Recruit members to fill all committee positions
  • Shall oversee the Premier Events Committee to ensure events are planned in a timely fashion, within budget, and profitable
  • Shall either coordinate or appoint a committee point person to coordinate with the Vice President of Communication and the Vice President of Sponsorship on committee related items.

Vice President of Sponsorship

  • Develop a unique sponsorship menu for the year that addresses the previous year’s shortfalls (if applicable) and improves the value of sponsorship for past and potential sponsors.
  • Work with the VP of Communications to see that the sponsorship menu and marketing materials are updated annually in a timely fashion before the annual Sponsorship Drive.
  • Work with the VP of Communications to gather updated logos from sponsors and create banners or other marketing materials that are applicable for the year.
  • Keep and maintain a record of all Sponsors including their level, their benefits, and their payments.
  • Report the status of payments to the Executive Board when requested.
  • Coordinate efforts with all other VP’s to ensure that Sponsor benefits are realized and executed properly per the menu for events and applicable communications.
  • Work with other VPs to set up Kick-Off meetings with event chairpersons to discuss sponsorship commitments and execution.
  • Provide accurate and updated sponsorship list to all event chairpersons at kick-off meetings.

Vice President of Advocacy

  • Responsible for the legislative and regulatory issues and affairs and programs of the Chapter
  • Responsible for the legislative and regulatory advocacy programs for the Chapter
  • Update members on deadlines related to licensing issues
  • Update Board of legislative news and events throughout IIDA as an organization
  • Locate crossover members and recruit them to serve as liaison with IDP, IDEC, IFMA, BIFMA, NEWH, AIA, and ASID and provide communication on the activities of those groups.
  • ‘Attend’ monthly Advocacy calls established by IIDA HQ VP of Advocacy
  • Responsible for applying for IIDA HQ Advocacy Grant
  • Responsible for advancing and championing EDI efforts within the Chapter and at IIDA RMC Events.

Vice President of Membership

  • Obtain feedback from City Centers to review and assess member services to determine the appropriateness, viability, and financial soundness
  • Maintain Volunteer list and connect with VPs for committee placement
  • Assist with the development of new membership policies and procedures
  • Direct and oversee process for welcoming new members
  • Direct and oversee member retention and recovery activities throughout the year.

Vice President of Professional Development

  • Increase public awareness of the profession and of the organization
  • Develop plans and programs for civic benefit and/or professional growth and development
  • Coordinate delivery of Chapter-wide programs and oversee City Center Program Chairs with their program development and delivery
  • Survey member’s interest and needs and plan programs in response
  • Oversee the implementation of the NCIDQ support teams within the City Centers to enhance the elevation of members to professional status
  • Introduce CEU courses intended to satisfy interests, IIDA membership requirements, and license renewal requirements
  • Maintain records of locations for the NCIDQ study material
  • Shall supervise programs to educate the general public on the importance of professional interior designers
  • Coordinate and communicate with VP of City Centers regarding CEU program at RockCon