We know that “spilling the tea” is a playful phrase, and this is intentional. While many of the topics we cover are complex and nuanced, we hope that by providing this avenue for discussion, while also keeping it fun and casual, we can normalize tough conversations – creating space for positive change. We don’t presume to have the answers… but we hope that by asking the questions, we are taking a step in the right direction.

Both IIDA RMC members and non-members are encouraged to join, engage, interact, and connect with each other and with our guest speakers – during and after our events. We aim to create an environment that is welcoming for all, fostering individual and group connections, to build an inclusive and supportive design community.


Burn-Out: How to address it and putting yourself first. Four panelists who will share their own personal experiences with burnout and what they did to change their path. They will share advice and insight to our industry and what we can do to eliminate this common trend.

Navigating the Waters

Navigating the Waters: Four industry professionals will discuss what it’s really like being a working mom. What is it like when priorities shift as designers and professionals become mothers? What is the transition like from designer to mom, then back to working mom? We will talk openly about the stressors of building a career, building a family and how to manage a work-life balance without feeling alone. This TEA is for any working parent, any future working parents looking for advice, or simply for professionals who feel their time must be split between two important parts of their lives.

Making the Switch

Designers are moving around. What does that really look and feel like? Five designers and one industry partner will discuss making the switch from different design segments, why they made the switch and what it looks like on the other side. We will also talk to one industry partner who worked as a sales representative, then went back to design only to leave again.


Dive into the overlooked aspects of metal wellness and professional work-life balance. The balance of life, work, and ‘other’ can be a heavy weight to carry during a ‘normal’ time in life – now let’s compound that with a global pandemic and we’re all dealing with degrees of unfamiliar territory.


Featuring local design industry leaders and disruptors – they’re here to spill the tea. Our panel will be discussing how they entered the industry, the roadblocks that they faced, and how they have continued to trailblaze despite the obstacles that they have faced. 

Ageism: Underestimated and Overlooked

Our Chapter’s very first TEA focuses on Ageism and its negative impact on all age groups in the workplace. We’ll be hearing a variety of perspectives from local designers and industry partners.